Unlocking big data's possibilities

August 09, 2022

Headshot of James Soda, Assistant Professor of Math and Data Science

James Soda, assistant professor of mathematics and a data scientist, enjoys applying mathematics and data in new ways to solve complex, real-life problems.

“I’m a curious person,” Soda said. “Data science gives me the room to explore different subjects.”

Data science is valuable in many professional disciplines, including economics, business, natural and applied sciences, and the humanities, where data extraction and analysis can be used to study language patterns in literature or even changes in human behavior over time.

This flexibility is exactly what Soda envisioned when he helped develop Quinnipiac’s BS in Data Science program. A big part of the program’s foundation is how algorithms are used. For example, grocery store chains and online retailers such as Amazon examine our buying patterns to help predict future purchases. Likewise, Netflix and other streaming services suggest new TV shows based on our viewing history.

“These outcomes are made possible by algorithms developed by data scientists,” he said. “Industries are becoming increasingly aware of the power they have in data.”

As established industries grow and new ones emerge because of data, Soda believes that wherever his College of Arts and Sciences students land, they’ll be able to apply the critical thinking skills they learned at Quinnipiac.

“Our program prepares students for success not just today but five years from now,” Soda said.

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