Drive innovation through data

There is a growing demand in companies and institutions all over the world for professionals who can harness data to solve complex problems. Their insights are used for everything from predicting a company’s customer retention rate to identifying anomalies in DNA structure to measuring the spin rate of a Major League Baseball pitcher’s curveball. The applications of data science are numerous, and this program positions you to take advantage of the field’s incredible career growth.

Our curriculum exists at the intersection of statistics, mathematics, computer science and domain knowledge. The program was designed from the ground up, with feedback from industry professionals, to ensure that students not only understand the mathematical and statistical foundations of data science, but also how those principles may be applied to cutting-edge tools and technologies. This means our graduates will never fall behind the curve as the industry rapidly advances. It will be administered jointly by the Department of Mathematics & Statistics and the Department of Economics. Our departments are well positioned to offer a unique degree program that will produce graduates with the skill set needed to work with “big data”, with the option of immediate employment in the field of Data Science or continuing to a Ph.D. program.

All data has context. A keystone of Quinnipiac’s data science major is understanding that context and integrating it with deep technical knowledge to draw meaningful conclusions. With our specially tailored curriculum, students may easily acquire a second major (e.g., economics, mathematics, industrial engineering, biology, etc.) and link those studies to data science through a capstone project. This means that you do not need to “sacrifice” your passion to gain relevant quantitative skills.

You’ll develop a deep understanding of methods in quantitative analysis, predictive modeling and advanced machine learning while mastering the Python programming language and cutting-edge statistical packages in practical, project-driven courses. This range of expertise is vital to employers in finance, health care, technology services, manufacturing, e-commerce, sports, retail trade and just about every other industry. Alternatively, these same skills can prepare you to succeed in graduate studies on data science itself or in related domains.

Field-based experience is a hallmark of this program. Thanks to our vast alumni network and deep industry connections, you’ll have the opportunity to intern at a range of leading companies, including BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, MSCI, Citi, Travelers Insurance and Pratt & Whitney.