60 key questions to ask when visiting colleges

December 15, 2022

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When it comes time to visit a college campus, asking the right questions can make a big difference to your overall experience.

Chances are you have done some research prior to scheduling a visit, but you still want to know more. Make the most out of your visit by asking the right questions—the ones that impact you the most.

The Importance of College Campus Visits

The information you find on the website or in brochures is helpful, but the way you feel when you walk on the campus to the experience you have when you meet students, faculty and staff all play a part in determining if the school is a good match for you. A campus visit is important as it gives you an idea of where you will study, sleep, eat and hang out for the next four years. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions that are important to you.

When to Do College Visits and Tours

If you have the means, begin visiting local colleges in early high school as an introduction to the college experience. During your sophomore and junior years, think seriously about schools you’re interested in and schedule visits. Many families visit colleges during the summer; however, it is beneficial to tour while classes are in session to get a feel for the culture and energy while on campus. Admissions departments typically provide many opportunities for you to get to know their schools better, so be sure to check the calendar for events.

While on a tour, asking questions is a great way to find out information that can help you make your final decision. You can also meet other students currently enrolled at the college to get a first-hand account of their experience which will give you an even deeper sense of the campus atmosphere. These visits are an invaluable part of the process, and we hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

Questions to Ask on College Tours

We compiled a list of questions to ask during college tours below. Choose the best options for you.

Student Life
  • Are sports a big part of the culture?

  • How do you meet people as a freshman?

  • What activities are in place for first year students to get acclimated to campus?

  • What kinds of community service projects or events does your school participate in?

  • What kinds of activities does the university plan for the students?

  • What kinds of things can students do off campus?

  • What do students do on the weekends?

  • Do professors or TA's teach first year courses?

  • Are alumni involved in the community?

  • What are the facilities like? (Ask specifically about your program of interest.)

  • What types of hands-on experience can students participate in?

  • What kind of academic support to you offer students who are struggling?

  • How often do students meet with academic advisors?

  • How big are the classes?

  • What types of internships are there and are they required?

Clubs, Organizations, Community and Diversity
  • How many clubs, organizations do you have on campus?

  • Is there a lot of student participation?

  • What types of events bring the study body together?

  • What is Greek Life like on campus?

  • How does the school promote community?

  • How does the school promote diversity?

Student Safety and Wellness
  • What do you have in place for campus security?

  • Are there gated entries?

  • What type of wellness activities are there outside of athletics?

  • What crime prevention features are in place?

  • What drills are in place to help student and staff respond to emergencies?

  • How do college officials/public safety communicate to students in the event of an emergency?

  • Do students, staff and faculty go through safety training?

  • What are the school's priorities for promoting physical, emotional and mental wellness?

  • Does the campus have support for students who need mental health services?

Housing and Meals
  • Do they guarantee housing for first-year and transfer students?

  • Are students required to live on campus?

  • How do students choose housing and a roommate?

  • Do you have Living Learning Communities?

  • Where is the laundry located?

  • How do you access the building?

  • Are there RA's on each floor?

  • Where do students eat?

  • Is there a big selection of food?

Ask Current Students
  • Why do you like it here?

  • What do you do on the weekends?

  • What is your favorite thing about the university?

  • Where do you like to study?

  • Do a lot of students go home on the weekends?

  • What do you do when you're not in class?

  • What are some of the traditions students like to participate in?

  • What kind of student thrives here?

  • Ask if you can shadow a student for a day.

Ask Yourself After the Visit
  • Can you see yourself at this university?

  • What three things do you like about the school?

  • What three things do you not like about the school?

  • What do you want to know more about?

  • What is your impression of the school?

  • Is the campus the right size for you?

  • Does the college meet your criteria?

This is an exciting time in the college search. Enjoy your visits and get the most out of your time by asking the right questions. You will find that narrowing down your search will get easier once you explore different campuses. We invite you to visit Quinnipiac University and look forward to answering all of your questions.

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