Student-run 1929 Scholarship Fund breaks barriers and fulfills dreams

September 06, 2023

Someone's hand holding an iPhone with a blurred out background. On the screen is the 1929 Fund donation webpage.

A student-run scholarship fund at Quinnipiac is uniquely positioned to help secure the Bobcat dream for first-year students.

Founded in 2021, the 1929 Fund was created by students looking to help those who may not be as fortunate as others to attend Quinnipiac.

The goal was to make sure that no Bobcat would be left behind.

And for the fall 2023 semester, the inaugural awardees of the 1929 Fund are on campus, ready to pounce.

“I was researching scholarships that Quinnipiac offered one day and was fortunate to stumble upon the 1929 Scholarship Fund,” said Brady Mullen ‘27. “I was speechless, to be completely honest.”

Students applying to Quinnipiac were given the opportunity to submit an essay to the 1929 Fund where they shared how they overcame personal struggles

“Our goal was to make this truly for students by students. The whole process was incorporating student input from start to finish. We really wanted to make sure that we were giving an opportunity for potential students to secure their spot at Quinnipiac without having to worry about the finances associated with it,” said 1929 Fund Co-Chair John Shepherd ‘23.

The student members of the 1929 Fund worked for the past two years to raise funds through student events, golf tournaments and peer-to-peer conversations. As a result, students collected more than $180,000 to allocate funds for this first cohort of recipients.

“When I was contacted by the chief experience officer Tom Ellett, I hopped on call with him, and he told me all about the 1929 Fund Scholarship and how a group of my peers had read my college essay and chosen me for the scholarship. I was truly honored to hear this," said scholarship recipient Samuel Joor ‘27.

Recipient Sivana Srivastava ‘27 had a similar experience.

“When I learned that Quinnipiac's students raised this scholarship, I felt Quinnipiac students were rooting for me to join the school,” she said.

For these students, the scholarship made their dreams a reality.

“It was absolutely an amazing moment! At that moment, I knew my dream of attending Quinnipiac had become a reality,” said Sivana Srivastava ‘26, MBA ‘27. “I realized that Quinnipiac was my new home away from home for the next four years. It was no longer a dream but a moment of realization that there was no more contemplating among colleges.”

Those who are interested can donate to the 1929 Fund here.

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