You are the investment

No organization, large or small, can function without the analytical tools used by financial professionals to formulate budgets, and by analysts to project future earnings and valuation. In our program, we’ll teach you the comprehensive skills necessary to manage assets wisely and pursue a career in corporate financial management, wealth management and financial technology and innovation. You’ll also acquire hands-on experience working in our Terry W. Goodwin ‘67 Financial Technology Center, where you can conduct trading simulations, develop financial models and analyze historic and real-time economic data as part of in-class activities.

To gain further practical knowledge, you’ll have internship opportunities as well as a chance to participate in the $3 million Student Managed Portfolio, an investment portfolio managed exclusively by students. Our finance program’s curriculum covers much of the material required by the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute’s Level I exam.

If you’re interested in exploring extracurricular opportunities related to finance, you can join Quinnipiac’s student Investment Club, which hosts speakers, sponsors investment challenges that help develop crucial networking and leadership skills. Leadership and educational opportunities come from participating in the world's largest student-run financial conference, the Global Asset Management Education (GAME) Forum, as well as the CFA's Investment Research Challenge, and the Bloomberg and Rotman Trading Competitions.