Capturing dreams: Student takes the red carpet at Sundance Film Festival

February 02, 2024

Casey Nedelka on the red carpet with a camera around her neck at Sundance Film Festival

Casey Nedelka ’25 shares her experience photographing and interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival.

Every year, the Quinnipiac Film Society takes a group of its members to the Sundance Film Festival, the largest independent film festival in the nation.

This year, Nedelka not only had the opportunity to attend the festival but also earned her ‘star moment’ by photographing and interviewing celebrities on the red carpet for Q30-TV.

Nedelka took her skills to new heights capturing the glamor and creating memorable conversations with celebrities like Will Farrell, Sue Bird and Dylan O’Brien.

“It was an incredible opportunity,” said Nedelka. “I met filmmakers and actors that I’ve looked up to for years and saw films that nobody else on the planet will see for months!”

As a student attending such a high-profile event, Nedelka highlighted the skills and knowledge that she gained from this experience.

“Sundance taught me great networking and business skills,” she said. “I made great business connections with other journalists and photographers that I met on the press lines.”

In addition to her professional experience, Nedelka posted her work on social media accumulating thousands of likes on Instagram and X. As her posts gained more recognition, actors, composers and film productive members reached out to endorse her photos, granting Nedelka credit and massive exposure.

Reflecting on her experience, Nedelka noted that her favorite part of this experience was spending time with friends.

“It was an incredibly unique experience, being able to attend all of these cool film premiers and panel events with my friends,” said Nedelka. “We all played Jackbox and watched Adam Sandler movies until 3 a.m. then make breakfast together the next day.”

Nedelka emphasized her appreciation to the Quinnipiac Film Society for organizing the trip and providing an unforgettable experience.

“Overall, this trip was a great experience as both a film student and a business student,” she said. “I would highly recommend that any student who has a passion for film to join the Quinnipiac Film Society and apply to the trip next year.”

Check out some of Nedelka’s work:

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