Professors help guide communications graduate to successful path

May 12, 2023

Mel Careri walking in her graduation gown and cap

Mel Careri '23, MS '24, found direction through the guidance of her professors and advisers in the School of Communications — and led her down a path that ultimately helped her earn her own radio show and prestigious internship.

Unsure of what to focus on when she enrolled at Quinnipiac, Careri spoke with her professors, took a few journalism classes and joined a couple of student organizations —like Chronicle and Q30-TV —which helped her realize that she wanted to major in broadcast journalism.

About three years into her studies, Careri joined the 4+1 program where she applied and was accepted into the interactive media master's program.

“I chose to pursue ICM because I like that it's an online program that I can mold through through my interests and take courses that will help me better understand targeting and engaging an audience, project management, graphic design and other important areas in communications.”

“Quinnipiac prepped me in a variety of ways. The journalism training of creating packages in less than a week of enrolling and producing on the fly taught me to adapt and roll with punches. I also grew professionally from the on-campus jobs I've had and my classes. My professors really worked with me to ensure I wasn't just passing my classes, but making sure my work was on par for portfolios and professional industries, whether that be in journalism or PR.”

Among Careri's many successes is serving as an executive producer for Q30's broadcast, co-hosting the award-winning talk show "Trash Talk" and interning in several areas throughout nearly two years at CNBC.

“Quinnipiac really helped me break out of my shell and find confidence in myself and my work," she said. "I definitely felt a strong sense of community and support throughout all four years, which is one of the greatest gifts someone could have."

Careri urges new and current students to get involved like she did.

“College is the four years of your life when you can indulge in different experiences," she said. "Join organizations that help boost your career and organizations that are fun and out of your comfort zone."

She adds “It's so important to keep an open mind. College is the place where you can grow mentally, academically and professionally. It's the time you truly get to find yourself."

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