Communications students embark on life-changing journey to London

August 09, 2022

Lauren Scoopo poses for a picture in London

Rylie Dwyer ’23, MBA 24' didn’t know what to expect when she applied for a spot in COM-340 which offers a trip to London but was met with an experience that she described as “life-changing.”

The class titled, “The London Brand,” allows students to conduct research on communications in London and offers a short study abroad component to immerse students in the cross-cultural environment. The seven-day School of Communications trip included various activities, such as a “Harry Potter” tour at the Warner Bros Studio, visiting the Museum of London, and trips to museums.

Dwyer said she was nervous to embark on the trip not knowing any of the other students but soon found herself connecting with other students in the same circumstance.

“Being that nobody really knew each other, I found I was able to be the person I wanted to be and discover this new place with new people,” said Dwyer. “These are friendships I will take back to campus and beyond.”

Lauren Scoopo ’23 had never been on an airplane prior to the trip and was really impressed by her surroundings.

“Everything I thought I knew about London was just from what I saw in the media and from other people’s interpretations,” she said. “On this trip I was able to come up with my own conclusions and took note of small things that I wouldn’t know about if I never went like the signs in the Underground to the Queen’s initials on the lampposts.”

Associate Teaching Professor of Strategic Communication Scott De Francesco and Professor of Strategic Communication Hillary Fussell Sisco, agreed that the trip is a great opportunity that adds to the value of the course.

“Experiences such as these give students a fresh look on the world around them and perhaps on themselves, and in a broader sense, on how other people view the world as they go about their lives, which is manifest in the many forms of communication at work,” said De Francesco. “The Department of Strategic Communication places the understanding of branding squarely within its curriculum -- this study trip demonstrates how 'branding' not only applies to products, services, and people, but to cities as well.”

Dwyer said she that the experience will help her in the future with her career and aspirations and has left her open to future possibilities.

“This experience furthered my education and expanded my intellectual, social and emotional toolkit that I can apply to real-life work situations,” she said. “It also made me open to working abroad. Living in Europe for a few years in my twenties could be a fulfilling experience that changes the way I look at potential jobs.”

As a communications major, Scoopo was able to get a lot out of the trip and feels that she became more knowledgeable in her field of interest.

“Being a communications major, I need to be able to communicate and impact my audience. The best way to do that is to be in their shoes and look at things from their perspective,” she said. “With this immersive learning experience, I was able to see firsthand and analyze how London brands itself. The knowledge I have gained throughout the trip is something I would have never been able to achieve without physically traveling there.”

To Dwyer, the trip was an opportunity that provided unforgettable memories to add to her Quinnipiac experience but also inspired her to want to continue exploring.

“London was an amazing experience and I met some of the best people,” she said. “Those 7 days felt like 7 minutes and left me with such an itch for future travel.”

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