Discover your happiness during Happiness Happens Month

The journey of finding your happiness is an important and unique one, explained Tami Reilly, director of fitness and well-being at Quinnipiac.

This is especially emphasized during Happiness Happens Month, which is celebrated every August and focuses on individuals embracing the healthy habits that help them find joy.

“Happiness is not a one size fits all thing,” said Reilly. “We are all our own individuals and need to spend some time figuring out what truly makes each of us happy. For some, it is puppy cuddles, for others it’s going on a hike, making a meal for someone they care about, reading a book or finding a creative outlet. Each of these can bring on the feeling of being happy. It is important to spend time finding all the little ways that inspire us to smile and feel joy so we can have that list to go to on the days where we are not feeling our best.”

When going through tough times, it's important to have something in your back pocket that allows you to rediscover your joy, said Reilly. Happiness is and has always been an important life skill and should be a part of everyone's self-care in some way, she added.

Especially while living in a time when people mostly post about their “best moments,” it is difficult not to compare ourselves and our happiness to others, Reilly said.

"Sometimes putting our phones down can be a simple fix in helping us to feel happier because we often spend most of our time looking at other people's posts and feeling bad about ourselves in comparison,” she said.

Once all is said and done and happiness is achieved and discovered, it is easier to find more joy in the smaller thing in life, causing people to recognize the positives instead of instantly finding the negatives, said Reilly.

"That 'happy’ energy is truly contagious; you will be spreading that vibe around so you will be surrounded by others who are also happier too,” said Reilly. “Being with and around happy people can make every experience, big and small, richer and more rewarding."

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