Employee recognized for ensuring students continued to find on-campus employment opportunities during COVID-19

October 10, 2022

Janice Surato

Janice Surato has consistently proved herself to be a vital part of the Quinnipiac community for the seven years that she’s been here. This rang true again when she didn’t hesitate to take on extra responsibility due to a staffing change.

“It felt natural for me to step in during a time of need,” said Surato. 

As the talent acquisition specialist for the office of human resources, she takes on many responsibilities including approving and posting student jobs, reviewing student applications and student offers, entering HR information, monitoring students’ onboarding and much more.

Regina Leonard, the director of talent acquisition, praised Surato for going above and beyond to take care of Quinnipiac students.

“Janice stepped up to the plate in addition to managing her own job responsibilities at a time when our student employment office was in flux,” said Leonard. “Without her, no student would have been able to be hired into a student employment job, and those university departments that rely on student assistants and graduate assistants would have been at a loss.”

To Surato, earning the Center for Excellence in Service to Students for her efforts is an honor and she was humbled and grateful, she said.

“It’s a special honor to be recognized for providing excellent service to our students and I know that the work I supported for the Office of Student Employment has helped to shape our community,” said Surato.

Surato said she is confident that her efforts have been able to positively impact the university community.

“Students were afforded the opportunity to earn money to support their education expenses while contributing and supporting the day-to-day operations of the university,” she said.

When it comes to inspiration, Surato is able to draw it from the students around her that will get to apply their experience and potential to their futures.

“What inspires me is having the opportunity to contribute to preparing our students for 21st-century careers and citizenship,” said Surato. “Student employees are the lifeblood of the university.  Everything we do is for the students. Providing them a meaningful work experience only serves to make the QU community more vibrant.”

Surato’s passion for the university and the community runs deep and she finds joy in watching student’s successes she said.

“The best part of my experience at Quinnipiac has been the exposure to the commitment and support to our students by both faculty and staff,” she said. “I have observed both the commitment of the faculty and staff in supporting the students as well as the student’s growth as they prepare for their futures.”

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