Executive editor of social polling platform for millennials and Gen Z to discuss digital journalism

February 10, 2020

Photo of Selena Roberts

Selena Roberts, executive editor of The Tylt, a social polling and opinion platform for millennials and Gen Z, will discuss social media strategies for digital journalism and storytelling with polling data at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 13, in the Mount Carmel Auditorium in the Center for Communications and Engineering. This event is free and open to the public.

Roberts will discuss The Tylt’s process for writing stories and the role data insights play in the platform’s story direction and reporting on Gen Z and millennials. She’ll also talk about where she believes data journalism gets it right and wrong and what the future holds for journalism in the digital age.

“For two decades of working at legacy media companies, whether The New York Times or Sports Illustrated, I was in story meetings that often circled around the point of view of the writer or reporter,” Roberts said. “‘What’s your gut tell you?’ an editor would often ask before any reporting was underway. But what if journalists acted on insights instead of hunches? That’s what we do at The Tylt, where our social polling platform for Gen Z and millennials is the foundation of our storytelling because we believe that every vote is a voice telling a story. It’s a twist in the editorial process, which can lead to more powerful journalism.”

Roberts’ talk is part of the dean of the School of Communications’ speaker series, which brings communications executives to campus to discuss issues and trends in their fields and how they manage them.

“I’ve known Selena for 35 years, and she has always been one of the most innovative journalists out there,” said Chris Roush, dean of the School of Communications. “She has consistently pushed the envelope at every media organization where she has worked, so I’m fascinated to hear about what she’s doing at The Tylt.”

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