Field hockey community helps elevate program through generous donations

September 14, 2023

A field hockey player competes in a game.

Bobcat fans don’t just cheer Quinnipiac’s 21 Division I teams to championships, they help the teams to succeed through generous financial support through the annual Bobcat Challenge.

Take women’s field hockey. Last year, 116 donors raised $6,395 to help support the success of this Big East program.

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"There are many fundraising initiatives that have benefited our program,” said Field Hockey Head Coach Nina Klein. “We were able to have stadium upgrades, which elevates our overall team brand and recruiting. We have used donations to go on a team trip to California and play a series of games against top-ranked opponents — Cal Berkley, Stanford and Pacific — on the West Coast. We have been able to invest in film technology that has helped our team elevate their technical and tactical knowledge of the game — to name a few items."

The program was also able to acquire a shoe rack dryer, an important enhancement because the sport is played on water-based AstroTurf requiring the student-athletes’ turf shoes to dry out between sessions.

"People always say that athletics operates like a village,” Klein said. “It takes many hands and many hearts to be able to execute the work that we do. Support from our donors is critical to the success of our program and we are so grateful for every single piece of support. Without the support from our donors, we would not be able to elevate our team functionality on a daily basis. Whether we are saving for something big or small, the community around us gets us to where we need to go on the pitch."

This year’s Bobcat Challenge is set for October 25-26.

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