Film, television and media arts student ready to roll the camera

October 03, 2022

Headshot of Sean Valutkevich

Sean Valutkevich ’26 believes Quinnipiac will elevate his passion for filmmaking to a new level.

Valutkevich, originally from Massachusetts, is part of the 3+1 program as a film, television and media arts major.

“I’ve been obsessed with film ever since I was little. I had a wild imagination and was always trying to find an outlet to express it,” he said. “I ended up taking a video production course freshmen year in high school, which encouraged me to enroll in all available video, film production and TV classes.”

His mother Erin, a Quinnipiac alumna, recommended he check out the university’s film curriculum. Valutkevich briefly visited the campus as a child and on a road trip during the pandemic, but his first official tour illustrated everything Quinnipiac has to offer.

“I really enjoyed the feeling the campus gave me. It felt very welcoming. I visited during a communication-specific event, where I met Dean of the School of Communications Chris Roush and a couple of other professors,” he said. “By then, I was sold.”

Erin is enthusiastic as her son starts his studies at Quinnipiac.

“It is amazing to see all the great changes in the years since I was a student, but what has not changed is the desire of all those at Quinnipiac to bring out the best of students and prepare them so they can succeed in whatever they want to do,” she said. “The fact that Sean chose this school for the film program is because of the program and the Quinnipiac difference. Becoming a legacy family is an added benefit."

As he begins his first semester, Valutkevich looks forward to leaning into the technical and artistic aspects of his craft.

“I’m excited to learn about filmmaking and about what it really takes to put something together, instead of just me with my video camera and a free editor app,” he said.

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