France welcomes Quinnipiac students to master marketing of wine

More than 30 undergraduate and graduate students traveled to Bordeaux, France and immersed themselves in the heart of the global wine economy.


Vineyard in front of overgrown abandoned chateau 
An abandoned chateau at the vineyard Haut-Brion located in Pessac, a town right outside of Bordeaux holds many acres to grow a variety of grapes.

Group of students walking into vineyard's chateau 
Chateau Haut-Brion's tour guide welcomes students into the commercial wine sector on the vineyard to partake in a wine-tasting. 

Acres of grapes and vines pushed close to local houses 
Students walk alongside grape fields during a tour of Chateau Haut-Brion.

Overview of old village in Saint-Émilion, France 
Saint-Emilion is one of the oldest villages that has a current population of only 200. 

17th century church touching the cloudy sky

The Monolithic Church of Saint-Emilion is known as one of the biggest underground churches in the world. Its form was once a big boulder of limestone rock but was carved out by monks.

Pool of mist reflects image of French building, Miroir D'eau 
At night, mist forms on slabs of granite to reflect one of Bordeaux's most popular attractions, Miroir D'eau. Photographers, couples and groups of friends gather to see the marvelous imagery.

Tall water fountain with sculptures of woman at the top

Through exploration of the city, students found a 17th-century fountain in the middle of Miroir D'eau.

Students sitting in class listening to professor teach 
Students and faculty listened to French business Professor, Colin Gent as he taught the different profiles of red and white wine. 

A row of emptied silver metal wine vats leading to a window

During the tour at Chateau La Dominique, students learned about the storage of wine. Large metal vats control the temperature at which the wine is stored prior to being placed in French oak barrels to begin fermentation. 

Large modern structure in the background of a blue sky, La Cite du Vin 
La Cite Du Vin translates to the Museum of Wine where students learned about wine history and its cultural impact. The shape of the museum symbolizes the swirl of wine in a glass.

Tan apartment complex with flowers in flower boxes 
Students saw beautiful architecture during their travels. Free time was allotted in their afternoons to explore the bustling city of Bordeaux.

Students smiling and posing before dinner on boat tour 
Professors captured photos of students before their last meal in France as a group. The chefs served a tomato and onion quiche, fresh tilapia garnished with bruschetta and a raspberry cream puff.

French flag waving on the edge of a boat 
The French flag waved in the wind and the boat tour began in the Garonne River where various landmarks were established during the reign of Napolean Bonaparte.

 Traveling across the North Atlantic Ocean created new bonds of friendship that students will take with them for a lifetime.

Ferris wheel lit up within the night 
Bordeaux's nightlife was lively. Groups of friends sat in the park, chatting, singing and dancing.


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