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Elena Germain Bertozzi

Professor of Game Design and Development

Chair of Visual and Performing Arts

Director of Games Design & Development

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Dr. Elena Bertozzi is Chair of Visual & Performing Arts, a Professor of Game Design & Development, and directs the GDD program at Quinnipiac University. Her research focus is on games for health and the intersections of gender, technology, and sexuality. She teaches classes throughout the GDD curriculum and is especially interested in collaborations across departments and schools. Students in her classes work with students in the Frank Netter School of Medicine on capstone projects and with numerous external organizations on real-world problems.

She and her team have worked with scientists, artists and healthcare professionals on a variety of games that incentivize players to seek and achieve positive behavioral change. Dr. Bertozzi has written extensively on gender, sexuality and technological self-efficacy. Motivated by her experiences in using games to address previously intractable problems, she studies ways in which interactive technologies can guide players towards better decision making based on accurate knowledge. She specializes in leveraging current technologies to produce low-cost 2D games that can be delivered over the most accessible device for the target audience.

She is a member of the CAS College Evaluation Committee, was Co-Chair of the Executive Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences for several years, and has served on the CAS committee for Diversity and Inclusion. She is a member of the Steering Committee for the International Game Developers Organization Special Interest Group for Learning Education and Games, works closely with the IEEE organizing committee for the Games Entertainment Media Conferences, and serves as a reviewer for journals and festivals, among other service work.


  • BA, Williams College
  • MS, Indiana University Bloomington
  • MLS, Indiana University Bloomington
  • PHD, European Graduate School Leuk Stadt

Areas of Expertise

  • Videogames
  • Games for Health
  • Games for Good


  • Game Design & Development

Office Location

  • College of Arts & Sciences 1 322

Mail Drop

  • CL-AC1

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Journal

Hot, horny and healthy—online intervention to incentivize HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) testing among young Mexican MSM: a feasibility study

Andrade-Romo, Z., Chavira-Razo, L., Buzdugan, R., Bertozzi, E., Bautista-Arredondo, S.

6 MHealth doi:10.21037/mhealth.2020.03.01 (2020)

Book review

The infinite Playground: A Player's Guide to Imagination

De Koven, Bernard, Gramazio, Holly

Choice Magazine, American Library Association November (2020)

Book review

The smart wife: why Siri, Alexa, and other smart home devices need a feminist reboot,

Yolande Strengwrs and Jenny Kennedy

Choice Magazine, American Library Association October (2020)

Book review

We deserve better villains: a video game design survival guide.

Kristjan, Jai

Choice Magazine, American Library Association September (2020)

Book review

Minor platforms in videogame history.

Nicoll, Benjamin

Choice Magazine, American Library Association May (2020)

Peer Reviewed Journal

Breaking the Mould - IEEE GEM 2019 Explores New Conference Presentation Modalities

Corcoran, Peter, Berry, Justin, Bertozzi, Elena

IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine DOI: 10.1109/MCE.2019.2938274 (2019)