International Education Week: Adding a global perspective

Next week will begin international festivities that celebrate the culturally rich Bobcat community.

November 14-18 will aim to expand perspectives, foster communication between different cultures and build recognition and support of international education through International Education Week (IEW). IEW is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education that is celebrated around the globe.

Throughout the week there will be a variety of events each day, consisting of panel discussions, guest speakers and information sessions.

“We are very excited about the robust program of events for International Education Week this year,” said Sarah Driscoll, director of international student services. “I hope that within the variety of offerings there is something that will appeal to each member of our campus community.”

The plethora of events will provide students with the opportunity to expand their networks, connecting with alumni on various career paths around the globe.

“I love events where current students and alumni can connect and it will be great to see some familiar Bobcat faces again,” said Driscoll. “I am also looking forward to Cultural Connections on Wednesday and the Bobcat Culture and Identity Open Mic Night on Monday. These events are amazing opportunities for the community to come together to learn more about each other and the diverse cultures represented at Quinnipiac. Both events will be celebrations that capture the spirit of International Education Week!”

Throughout the week there will be a study abroad and international student photo contest. This event will showcase the beauty and wonder of different cultures through the student perspective.

In order to participate in the contest, students can view photos on the @qudcge Instagram and outside of CCE 180 and vote on their favorite between November 12-17. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 18 at 3:00 p.m. on @qudcge.

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