Journalism student excels throughout CNBC internship

August 29, 2022

Melanie Careri

For Melanie Careri ’23, MS ’24, asking the right questions continues to lead to success.

Careri, a journalism major and sociology minor, has just completed an on-air promotions internship with media conglomerate CNBC. She first visited the studio as a high school senior and was impressed by the positive energy she experienced during the tour.

“I saw how everyone was hard-working, driven and enjoyed what they were doing,” said Careri. “The vibe wasn’t uptight and it changed my perspective on business journalism and working in television. I made sure to ask the tour guide lots of questions. I decided I better stand out and show interest if I’d like to come back there one day for a position.”

Careri’s inquisitive nature resonated, resulting in an extensive email exchange with the tour guide on how to eventually land a role with CNBC. Then, in her first year at Quinnipiac, she took his advice to take advantage of the university’s media network to gain as much experience as possible.

Careri would go on to work as a reporter for Ability Media; digital assistant for the Office of Marketing and Communications; host of “Trash Talk” on 98.1 WQAQ; a staff writer and podcast host for The Quinnipiac Chronicle newspaper; and as a contributor, broadcaster and producer for Q30 Television.

“There are so many opportunities and so many things to get involved in at Quinnipiac which allowed me to become well-rounded,” said Careri. “I can write an article, create a package in journalism and create PR and advertising content. I didn’t know anyone in communications and didn’t have connections. I’m glad I chose Quinnipiac because they have student media outlets to practice and apply relevant skill sets.”

Careri’s CNBC work includes a promotion for a segment on a Brooklyn boutique owner, for which she helped with the shoot, logged quotes and edited the promotion with the profile’s director. Her dedication led to increasing responsibilities, including producing, editing and delivering 15- and 30-second promotions for the hit show, "Shark Tank."

After Careri’s current on-air promotions internship concludes on August 12, she will begin an internship with CNBC’s specials unit. From September to December, she will help brainstorm and hone ideas for specials, documentaries and other programming, she said.

Though not entirely sure of her future professional endeavors, Careri sees herself in production in journalism, television news or even reality entertainment.

“This on-air promotion internship opened my eyes to see editing and creative skills I didn’t realize I had. It opened a door that I never thought I would be exploring,” said Careri. “Right now, I feel like I’m riding the wave. I’m taking everything I can get and see what comes from it.” 

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