Moving in new Bobcats, a beloved tradition

June 08, 2023

Man carrying box with students outside helping move-in first years

Over the past 15 years, Quinnipiac students have given back to their beloved Bobcat community by assisting first-year students with the move-in process.

This is a tradition that Mark DeVilbiss, director of housing, really looks forward to, he said.

DeVilbiss is always thrilled to welcome new faces to campus who will make Quinnipiac their home for the next four years of their lives. The tradition is held of the utmost importance for incoming first-year students and many end up returning to help each year, he said.

“The Move-In Crew tradition contributes to the strong sense of community and belonging on campus here at Quinnipiac,” said DeVilbiss. “New students and their families benefit from the helping hands of current students and returning students can give back to the community by providing for others the same experience that they had.”

DeVilbiss’ favorite part of the experience is meeting new faces and continuing to build deep ties within the community, he said.

“I love meeting all the new students and their families while also taking part in this momentous day,” exclaimed DeVilbiss. “This is the ultimate demonstration of Bobcat pride and is wonderful to see, the event in its entirety radiates Quinnipiac spirit!”

Providing a sense of generosity, Move-In Crew gives a warm welcome to the newest members of the campus community and creates an environment where first-year students can come out of their shells and interact with other students already having some college experience under their belts, he said.

During the summer of 2022, more than 500 students assisted with Move-In Crew and so far, 300 students have already signed up for this year, said DeVilbiss. The goal is to reach over 700 participants in total before the start of the year.

Additionally, Bobcats helping their community are allowed to move in earlier than their published date at no charge. This year, students who sign up can move in on Tuesday, August 22.

There are various students who participate in Move-In Crew such as residential assistants, varsity and club athletes and sorority and fraternity members. Amanda Tsiongas ’24, a member of Quinnipiac’s chapter of Gamma Phi Beta, discussed why Move-In Crew is a valuable memory that she will take with her after graduation.

“My favorite part of Move-In Crew is being able to come together as a team and help first-year students and their families,” said Tsiongas. “I have both made friends and developed existing friendships through volunteering and working together as a team. Moving into college as a first-year is an exciting experience as you are starting a new chapter of your life. Being able to help new Bobcats move into their dorm and seeing the excited looks on their faces when they’re all moved in is the most rewarding part.”

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