Optimizing your semester with a fitness, leisure or wellness course

Looking to spice up your schedule this fall? Check out Quinnipiac's wide array of fitness, leisure and wellness (FLW) courses to add some fun to your day.

These one-credit courses cover fitness, leisure and wellness and provide an opportunity for students to explore their interests outside the classroom. Under this title is where you will find the unique classes Quinnipiac has to offer which promote getting outside, being active and relaxing.

Here are some spotlight courses you can take this fall semester:

FLW-106 Fundamentals of Boxing

In this course, students have the opportunity to learn basic offensive and defensive boxing skills. These workouts feature jumping rope, shadow boxing, punching bags and sparring, with the final class being held in an actual boxing facility where students will have the chance to showcase all they have learned.

“I had never taken a boxing class before, but I was always really interested in learning how to box,” said Sebastian Meuller ’24. “This class gave me the chance to do that. I had a blast with it and continue to take boxing classes at the professor’s gym now. I would not have time to do these things unless they were in my class schedule and have really enjoyed every FLW I have ever taken and found they make me a more well-rounded person.”

FLW-165 Intro to Powerlifting

This class offers sections from beginner to intermediate into the world of powerlifting. Covering technique, form, proper nutrition and the effects of changing reps and weight for maximum results, this course will provide students with information and the skills necessary to improve their weightlifting. This class includes lectures as well as workout times in the new Recreation and Wellness Center on Quinnipiac’s Mount Carmel Campus.

“I love teaching the intro to powerlifting course because of the variety of students that sign up for my class,” said instructor Meg Collins. “I have taught students who are competitive powerlifters and also students who have never picked up a weight before. It allows me to not only educate students about powerlifting and everything under the umbrella pertaining to training, but also show students how to move their bodies and be more confident when stepping into a weight room. Considering that the vast majority of my students are new to working out and training, their main reason for taking the class is usually to learn proper form. The great part about having a small class size is that, regardless of why each student takes the class, I can cater the class to each individual’s needs through both the lecture and physical training portion of the course. I’m very much looking forward to teaching new students in the fall!”

FLW-153 Flow Yoga

This class was created to expose students to an innovative series of poses. Flow yoga will challenge your flexibility, balance and muscular strength while providing a peaceful and tranquil experience.

“Taking flow yoga allowed me to learn in a way that no other class has exposed me to,” said Eliza Bailey ’23. “It tested my physical abilities while also activating my mind and helping me connect with my peers. Each class was a new, great experience where I would leave the class feeling more relaxed after stretching my mind and body.”

FLW-113 Beginning Golf

This course is taught off-campus at the nearby Sleeping Giant Golf Course. Students will learn the fundamentals of golf as they will have the opportunity to practice on the driving range or take their skills out onto the course.

“This class was an absolute pleasure to take,” Kevin Seitter ’23. “Being on the course more frequently completely transformed my game, my friends have even started calling me the next John Rahm. More importantly, I was able to get outside and spend quality time with friends.”

FLW-144 Fresh Water Fishing Weekend

This course was created to teach students everything they need to know about fishing. Taking place during a weekend at off-campus site, Hamden ponds, students will learn about rods and reels, fishing knots, types of fish, releasing fish and cleaning and cooking fish. There is also some classroom time, but the majority of this class is spent actually fishing so students can showcase their skills.

“The freshwater fishing weekend was a great FLW that got me to try something new,” said Izzy Sinibaldi ’22, ’25. “Before taking this class, I had never liked fishing. After completing this weekend long course, I ended up discovering a new hobby of fishing that I still continue to do today."

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