Professor’s new book promotes healthy communication

August 14, 2023

Headshot of Katie Place

Katie Place, professor of strategic communication and public relations at Quinnipiac, has published a new book called “Organizational Listening for Strategic Communication,” geared toward helping others build a stronger understanding of listening within the strategic communications field.

Place first heard the phrase "listen loudly" during a summer faculty fellowship she was part of in 2017. This sparked her interest in the concept of listening, which led her to embark on research and later inspired the publication of a book on listening in the field of public relations and communications.

“The concept of listening in public relations has intrigued me ever since,” she said. “I truly think it remains an essential, yet underutilized business practice.”

Place's book is geared toward students and faculty who are interested in studying how organizations listen, she said, adding that the learning doesn’t stop there.

"This book may also be a helpful handbook for organizational executives who would like to implement listening policies and practices,” added Place. “The chapters about the use of technologies for listening, tips for engaging in listening for diversity, equity and inclusion, and case studies of the organizations that listen, or don’t, will be especially helpful.”

The new book has tremendously influenced how Place will teach her students about the fields of public relations and strategic communications, she said.

“There are so many opportunities for organizations to develop spaces, policies, structures and tools for listening – so that they may foster more equitable, engaging and authentic relationships with diverse communities,” said Place. “I look forward to sharing the techniques I’ve learned from my research with my senior and graduate capstone students in particular as they are about to launch their careers.”

Place hopes that readers will learn how important listening truly is and the power it harnesses.

“I hope readers will learn that it’s just as important for organizations to listen and engage in thoughtful dialogue with their stakeholders as it is to speak or distribute information,” said Place. “Taking action after listening to your stakeholders and ‘closing the dialogic loop’ is so important for fostering strong, trusting organizational-public relationships.”

Place is looking forward to developing a strategic listening class for Quinnipiac students to take next year, using her book as course inspiration, she said.

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