Innovation Hub showcases opportunities available to all students

February 06, 2023

Students hanging out at the SOB Innovation Hub.

The Quinnipiac Innovation Hub buzzed with innovative business ideas and concepts during its welcome-back event on Wednesday.

The event — which was open to all students throughout the university — was designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration.  

“It is really cool seeing how the center operates and how they help people and will continue to do that,” said Sarah Almeida ’23, MBA ’24, a second-year 3+1 accelerated dual-degree finance and computer information systems double major, who started working at the center this semester. “Not a lot of schools have places that encourage new business ideas and help fund them to make them possible and I am so excited to be a part of this.” 

The Innovation Hub plays the role as the epicenter to innovation throughout Quinnipiac. One of the partner spaces is The Maker’s Space in the School of Computing and Engineering, where students are able to use the materials to create prototypes prior to pitches.

“The spaces act as a promotion of collaboration and creates a synergy between the students,” said John Reap, associate professor of mechanical engineering. “Everything plays its own part in support of one another.” 

Patrice Luoma, professor of entrepreneurship and strategy, ran the event and promoted the Innovation Hub and the 2023 QU Pitch Competition in March.

The collaboration of students with varying talents and interests is important for a project to be successful, Luoma pointed out. The Innovation Hub acts as the common space for the students at Quinnipiac.

Aashman Verma ’24, a computer information systems and international business double major, is the vice president of the entrepreneurship club. He recently attended a conference in Chicago where the students met with organization presidents all over the country, where he developed a greater appreciation for collaboration. 

“The conference gave a whole new outlook to networking. Entrepreneurs need people from other fields to work together to be successful,” Verma explained. “The Innovation Hub is a new home to any and every major and student that wants to start a business and doesn't know how to. We can give them the resources, connections, and networks to get started.” 

“Everyone’s an innovator or entrepreneur, they just don’t know it yet,” said Luoma. “We want you to discover the ideas most interesting to you.”

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