Your Experience

Every successful entrepreneur started out with an idea and a dream, but also the grit and business savvy to turn them both into a reality. Our innovative program gives you a strong foundation in business practices, sharpens your business management skills and teaches you how to think and make decisions like the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. You’ll develop and improve business ideas through team and individual projects and also have the opportunity to pitch your ideas in regional and national business plan competitions.

This program’s courses cover the range of topics and issues most relevant to building a company, from Entrepreneurial Creativity and Opportunity Recognition to Negotiation and Supply Chain Management. You’ll learn from a rich network of experienced faculty and staff who will provide the guidance necessary to launch a business or join a burgeoning company.

Whether it’s in the classroom, during internships or at one of the School of Business’s many networking events, you’ll tap into the expertise and experience of local and national company executives, as well as small business owners who have achieved success. Another powerful resource is the M&T Bank Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, where you can bring business ideas to life, receive mentorship and advisory services, and take workshops in legal issues, finance, research, marketing, design, business plan development and start-up mentoring.