Quinnipiac alumna joins the National Board of Directors at INROADS

December 07, 2023

Crystal Peck

Crystal Peck ‘10 takes a remarkable stride toward leadership and community impact through her role on the INROADS National Board of Directors.

As both a Quinnipiac and INROADS alumna, Peck reflects on her educational experience that led to her professional success. Now serving as the vice president of human resources for the Aerojet Rocketdyne segment of L3Harris Technologies and sitting on the National Board of Directors for INROADS, Peck has remained committed to furthering educational opportunities for students throughout her professional career.

Before her time at Quinnipiac, Peck was connected to INROADS by a close friend from high school who was holding an internship position within the program. Upon the introduction, Peck became very interested and began applying for a spot within the program.

INROADS is a non-profit organization that supports and prepares talented, diverse students for their future careers through a variety of programs such as professional skills-training, mentorship and internship opportunities. INROADS partners with large companies across various sectors to empower young talent, promote diversity and create a more inclusive workforce.

Following her acceptance to INROADS, Peck was given an internship opportunity with M&T Bank in the loss-prevention department. As her first internship, Peck gained professional experience while also beginning her educational career at Quinnipiac.

When Peck first arrived at Quinnipiac, she was considering a major in pre-law in pursuit of becoming an attorney. While taking her courses, Peck began to favor her psychology classes and re-directed her focus to a career in this field. Peck credits her interest in pursuing a career in psychology to one of her professors at Quinnipiac, Carrie Bulger.

“Dr. Bulger was very influential in helping me discover a career in human resources,” said Peck. “She helped me understand how my INROADS experience related to the workplace which opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.”

Through the process of changing her major, INROADS provided Peck with the perfect opportunity to explore a career in psychology through a position in human resources at Pitney Bowes in Stamford, Connecticut. Peck highlighted her appreciation for this position and ended up staying with the company for several years.

During her time at Quinnipiac, Peck worked rigorously splitting her time between her courses and her internship opportunities with INROADS. In addition to these commitments, Peck was involved with the Black Student Union at the university.

“Quinnipiac provided me with so many great connections,” said Peck. “From friends to professors, the people that I met at Quinnipiac were very influential to my experience.”

When a position on the national board of directors opened up, the former chief of human resources officer for L3Harris reached out to Peck. As an INROADS success story herself, Peck was the perfect candidate to step up and take the position.

“I’m a very proud INROADS alumna,” said Peck. “INROADS prepared me for the real working world and had a first-hand influence on the trajectory of my career.”

As Peck takes on her new position at INROADS, she is filled with excitement and hopes to focus her term on both growing and strengthening the relationship between the organization and their company partnerships.

“My goal is to ensure that these companies have the ability to see the talent and impact,” said Peck. “I hope to share my success story to emphasize the investment of these partnerships and how these companies have an immense influence on the trajectory of student’s future careers.”

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