Your Experience

Psychology explores phenomena from multiple perspectives and is an ideal starting point for many careers. Our students go on to graduate-level work in psychology and fulfilling jobs in a variety of fields, including school psychology, industrial-organizational psychology and the mental health disciplines. This degree also lays the foundation for successful careers in law, education and business, all of which require strong critical-thinking skills and a solid understanding of interpersonal relationships. In this program, you’ll work with experienced faculty members who research intriguing topics, such as how we read and process stories, workplace relationships, aggressive behaviors and mindfulness.

Your studies will be augmented by lab courses that involve designing psychological studies and collecting data. You can participate in supervised fieldwork in the applied clinical science concentration, which prepares you for careers in counseling. You can also use your understanding of human cognition (e.g., attention, memory, decision-making) to build marketable skills in the applied cognitive psychology concentration. Or, you can choose the industrial-organizational psychology track, which focuses on relationships in work environments. You’ll graduate well prepared to enter the workforce or pursue an advanced degree.

Quinnipiac provides real-world experiences based on your interests. In addition to participating in summer research projects at institutions across the country, our students have interned at agencies providing victim services, a psychiatric in-patient unit, special education schools and national corporations.