Quinnipiac Recreation and Wellness Center creates dedicated space to support needs of club sports athletes

February 17, 2023

Sunset view of the recreation and wellness center

Quinnipiac has unveiled a new space focused providing club sports athletes dedicated resources to stay healthy and remain competitive.

The new athletic training suite includes a hydrotherapy tub, ice machine and assessments from certified athletic trainers.

Mike Medina, director of recreation, heralded in a new day for both Quinnipiac recreation and the broader university.

“This is a huge benefit for us to allow them to practice their skills,” said Medina. “An athletic trainer is typically at the forefront of understanding a student's overall health and well-being, they typically are helping to get appointments and making referrals to counseling for students in need.”

There are currently three athletic trainers — Mike Bozarth, Jenn Druckman and Haley Wong — for the approximately 430 club sports athletes.

“Our athletic trainers divide up the teams,” added Medina. “This allows an individualized experience as they get to know the club athletes’ cases personally. There is also overlap for practice and game coverage so it is important that the entire team knows how to best support all of our athletes.”

Haley Wong ’21, DPT ’24, transitions into her second year as an athletic trainer for club sports and holds great confidence in the new innovative space and within her dedicated team of members.

“Many students come to this school for specific academic programs not offered at schools where they would have been able to participate in varsity athletics, so this club sports program affords them the opportunity to have the exact college experience they are looking for, one that allows them to prioritize their academic career and athletic interests,” said Wong

Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to learn from graduate students in the doctor of physical therapy program.

“At this time, I have also taken on an undergraduate student as a student athletic trainer to work with me to gain experience with teams that the school does not offer at a varsity level,” said Wong. “I believe this is a positive experience for the students, the athletes and myself.”

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