Student strives to bridge local and global culture

June 15, 2023

Reinett Chefu smiling with a Zimbabwe flag in a grassy area

Reinett Chefu ’24 has utilized her experiences as an international student to be successful in her role as the event director and upcoming president of the International Student Association (ISA).

Upon arriving at Quinnipiac in 2020, Chefu formed close relations with the international student community and soon realized that it was her calling to assist other international students in having a seamless transition to the university.

Chefu intends to continue to nurture that feeling of family for incoming students through her positions.

“Beyond that, I want to facilitate interactions between global culture and local culture,” she said. “Forming a bridge between the two will ease the transition and assimilation for international students as well as increase global engagement for local students through the shared experiences that myself and my fellow e-boards will work to create.”

Throughout the past year, Chefu has collaborated with the Department of Cultural and Global Engagement (DCGE), more specifically in the International Student Services Office, to discover new ways to support the international student body.

Chefu battled some worries before attending a university, but she soon realized the abundance of possibilities available to her on campus at Quinnipiac.

“One of my concerns starting at a university was having to put my career on hold as I learned more about my craft, but at Quinnipiac, I was able to find on-campus employment opportunities that were aligned with my skills such as working at the podcast studio as a producer,” she said. “Additionally, this summer I am working as an assistant producer at Quinnipiac Productions. Both opportunities have allowed me to learn in the classroom and practice on the field with the mentorship of knowledgeable, industry professionals.”

Chefu greatly appreciates the knowledge bestowed on her by professors that she was able to work with closely.

“I have been blessed with professors who have encouraged me to tell stories that are authentic to my cultural background and experiences,” she said. “They have all been willing to do their part to understand my cultural background and aid me in getting the most out of my educational experience. This in itself reaffirms my decision to study at Quinnipiac.”

With the love and support of friends in the Bobcat community, Chefu continually embraces the local cuisine, people and culture of Zimbabwe. She routinely prepares Sadza neMazondo, a traditional dish, and tells jokes to her friends in Shona, her native language, to bring pieces of home to campus.

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