Student urges the Class of 2027 to say 'yes' to new opportunities

By Anna Kaplan May 08, 2023

Headshot of Anna Kaplan

Congratulations Class of 2027 and welcome to Quinnipiac!

My name is Anna Kaplan and I am from Sharon, Massachusetts entering my third year in the 5.5-year Master of Occupational Therapy program. I am an admissions tour guide and in the fall, I will be stepping into the role of president of our American Sign Language Club. In addition, I am currently wrapping up a semester abroad in Seville, Spain! This summer will be my second year serving as one of your orientation leaders and I can’t wait to welcome you all to campus.

Not long ago, I was nervously anticipating my entrance into college life, living away from home for the first time and learning how to navigate the many new experiences, people and opportunities that lay ahead. I’d love to share what I’ve learned along the way and how I quickly came to be a part of the Quinnipiac community so you can also make it your home.

Say yes to every opportunity – my first two years have flown by so fast with so many fun experiences along the way. Get involved in our campus community. With over 140 student organizations there is something for everyone and you never know where you will make friends, it can be in the most random places. Attend some of the events that are put on by our organizations. For the first five weeks, there are events every single day, you will always have something to do. Attending events and club meetings are great ways to get to know people and you might surprise yourself with what you like. Attend any club that you think might be interesting – in my first month I went to over 15 different clubs just to see what I liked.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors – they are not nearly as scary as high school teachers make them seem. Use the peer tutors in the learning commons. The learning commons staff are very accessible and really helpful. You don’t need to be struggling in a class to seek help. Lean into them – they can help you succeed and want you to do well.

You will make friends, but just remember grabbing lunch alone is also fine, everyone does it and you don’t stick out as much as you think. Living in a dorm is an amazing opportunity to make connections. Communication with your roommate is key. Reach out to people on your floor. Leave your door open for the first few weeks. Who knows, your new best friends might be living down the hall and all you need to do is walk down a few doors.

You are about to embark on an adventure of your lifetime with all of the twists and turns that come with it. Embrace it all and savor every memory, friendship and experience that comes along the way! 

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