10 tips on how you can celebrate International (Bob)Cat Day

August 01, 2023

Student in a bobcat t-shirt posing on a gold and blue BobcatNation inflatable seat

International (Bob)Cat Day — celebrated annually on August 8 — is the perfect opportunity to reflect on our roots and spend time will fellow Bobcats.

There are many ways the Bobcat community can celebrate and bring the holiday to life.


Some of which include:
  • Wearing your Quinnipiac spirit wear

Show your Quinnipiac pride around your hometown with a Bobcat T-shirt or hat from Quinnipiac's bookstore.

  • Connect with your roommate(s) online or in-person

Connect with your roommates and friends by organizing a call, fun day or all of the above and plan some things to look forward to for the school year.

  • Plan for the school year ahead

Make preparations for the upcoming school year by organizing your schedule, planning your dorm room decor and looking at the bookstore's online website for any textbooks you may need for class. 

  • Give back to your local community

Go back to the roots of being a Bobcat and give back to your local community by donating clothes, bringing canned food to a shelter or taking a look at the list of many community service-driven clubs on campus that you can join this fall.

  • Practice mindfulness

Prepare for the inevitably busy yet exciting semester by practicing meditation and mindfulness exercises that you can utilize throughout the year to ground yourself in a positive and healthy headspace.

  • Try something new

Whether it's starting a new hobby or thinking outside the box, try to wander outside of your ordinary "Bobcat den" by embracing change and trying new things.

  • Purrfect your Bobcat roar!

Head to a place where you can roar your heart out and practice your Bobcat roar for all of the fun and exciting sports games that lie ahead.

  • Get active

Take a walk, run outside or visit a nearby hiking trail and replenish your mind, body and spirit as a Bobcat.

  • Stay up to date with the Quinnipiac Instagram

Learn about upcoming events or stay updated on current news by checking out Quinnipiac's Instagram.

  • Get excited for a fun-filled school year ahead!

Look forward to all the many sporting events, community service opportunities and good times with your fellow Bobcats that are coming up as we approach the fall!

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