Veteran utilizes the skills he developed in the U.S. Navy

November 11, 2022

Joe Coverly

Joe Coverly ’23 started his Quinnipiac journey as an international business major, and ultimately decided to also major in computer information systems, a change he describes as “the best decision I could have made.”

Coverly, an operations specialist onboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman, completed two deployments.

“The skills I learned from the the United States Navy that prepared me for Quinnipiac are the core values of the U.S. Navy: honor, courage and commitment,” said Coverly. “Honor to be accountable for my personal and professional behavior. Courage to do what is right when no one is looking. Commitment to stay dedicated and give my all to everything I do.”

Coverly has also taken advantage of campus opportunities by co-managing On The Rocks Pub & Grill, the restaurant and bar located in the Rocky Top Student Center.

“Quinnipiac goes out of their way for its veterans every day, but I think the biggest help to assimilate back to society is the comradery,” he said. “With a very large veteran population, we can lean on each other, and we are never alone.”

The circle veterans that Coverly has been able to connect to during his time at Quinnipiac has made a big impact on his experience.

“I was introduced to an investment banker who is also a veteran. From there, I was then introduced to a whole bunch of investment bankers who are veterans as well. They all have made an impact on me, and I think it is something I would like to pursue,” said Coverly.

He urges other veterans to get involved with campus life.

“I think some veterans don't realize the impact that they can bring to the table,” he said. “Whether we served for four years or 20 years, we all learned valuable skills and life lessons that we should share with our peers at school.”

Coverly said he is looking forward to this week’s flag-raising on the Quad and hopes students and faculty will come and show their support, he said.

“The word ‘veteran’ is only seven letters long and very easy to say but the things we all had to go through to be considered part of that group was far from easy,” said Coverly. “Some of us never left the U.S., some of us went on multiple combat deployments, but I can promise you all of us earned that title. If you know a veteran at campus, send them a quick email on Veterans Day; it takes two seconds and it would mean a lot to them.”

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