Picklefest 2024 packs the Piazza

March 24, 2024

Two students enjoy Picklefest

Pickle it and they will come: Quinnipiac’s Picklefest 2024 packed the piazza with students lining up to partake of pickle-powered treats, eats and activities on the Mount Carmel Campus.

Hosted by Quinnipiac’s Student Programming Board (SPB), Picklefest 2024 marked the debut of a new tradition for students. The free ‘fest was the briny brainchild of SPB traditions and community chair Jaylene Guerra, ’24 and traditions and community director Sara Montes, ’25, MS ’26.

“Sara and I both really love pickles, and we knew about Picklefests, because there are a bunch of big cities that have been doing them,” said Guerra. “We really wanted to bring it here and see if the students might like it.”

It took about two months to plan, prepare and promote Picklefest 2024.

The crowd that was building as Picklefest opened at noon on March 24 drew Bianca Madrid, ’27 and her friends to join in the fun.

“We saw the line go all the way into the dining hall and we thought ‘Why not?’ We were in the middle of studying and we wanted to take a little break, so we decided to come.” said Madrid.

Dance music pumped up the piazza as arriving students were greeted with free pickle-themed gear, raffle tickets to win one of six Picklefest prize baskets, stickers with spicy sayings like “Dill with it,” and the chance to grab a picture with the pickle mascot in the pickle patch photobooth.

SPB executive and general board members hosted tables where students could step up to savor samples of pickle juice lemonade and pickle-forward snacks including dill pickle-flavored cashews, candy and chips. The pickle juices were also flowing at the taste-testing table, which SPB volunteers kept stocked with a range of sweet and sour pickle varieties.

Outside the Carl Hansen Student Center, SPB volunteers cooked up hamburgers and hotdogs for Bobcats to top off with pickles, pickle relish and other condiments of their choice. The windy afternoon sent the scents from the grill into the air, drawing more students to come out and enjoy the novelty of Picklefest 2024.

Nicolena Russo ’27, said she was glad she decided to check it out.

“I think it’s really unique. I’ve never seen anything like it before,” said Russo.

Picklefest fans also had their pick of outdoor games on the Quad and could join the outdoor pickleball tournament on the basketball court.

Montes and Guerra said they were thrilled with their fellow Bobcats’ response to Quinnipiac’s first-ever Picklefest; and for the future of the festival as a SPB program.

“From what I’ve heard, people are loving it. Everyone is so high-energy. I’m so happy that it’s so successful,” said Montes.

“It’s turned into a pretty big thing,” Guerra said. “I never would have imagined this many people would show up. If people like it, it’s guaranteed to come back as a tradition. It’s been a hit so far, so I think it will come back next year.”

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