Business student scores internship with Boston Bruins

August 05, 2019

A male student sits at his desk in front of dual monitors working on spreadsheets

Sean Regan ’20 scored a thrilling internship with the Boston Bruins this summer as a business analytics intern. He has had the opportunity to explore his passion for sports and his interest in business and technology.

“The School of Business, particularly the CIS department, has propelled me to success in my internship so far,” said Regan. “The diverse curriculum and class requirements help build both the hard and soft skills that are needed to excel in a professional setting.”

The business analytics minor is putting his knowledge to work as he takes on large projects, such as building regression models to predict concession revenue and predicting consumer behavior on the Bruins pro shop website.

“Sean is a truly outstanding student, extremely bright and very hard working,” said Bruce Saulnier, professor of computer information systems. “He has a strong desire to succeed and consistently puts forth is best effort in every course and on every assignment.”

Kiku Jones, associate professor of computer information systems, said Regan certainly stands out from a crowd.

“He isn’t afraid to get out of his comfort zone,” she said. “As a sophomore, Sean accepted an internship with the FBI, which may have intimidated some students — but he went right ahead. Now with the Bruins, it’s a very different industry, yet Sean jumped right in and charged ahead.”

Looking toward the future, Regan hopes to work in the professional sports analytics industry and is considering a Masters in Business Analytics or an MBA.

“My time at the Bruins has only cemented my dream of working in this industry — particularly in an analytics role,” said Regan. “I'd like to thank the CIS department and the School of Business for helping me attain this internship and grow in my professional career.”

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