Graduate student’s podcast encourages his peers to become active voters

October 19, 2022

Matt Hawryluk recording his midterm election podcast

Matt Hawryluk ’22, MBA ’23, has always had a passion for politics, a passion that led him to meet both President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump.

Hawryluk, along with Producer Grace McGuire, Videographer Tyler Salta and Social Media Coordinator Olivia Geckler, has launched a podcast named “mericanmidterms,” focusing on the upcoming midterm elections.

Hawryluk hopes his new podcast will inspire young voters to become more active in politics and to stand up for their beliefs.

“Young voters are unlikely to show up and vote especially during the midterm elections,” said Hawryluk. “College students in particular are often apathetic about politics for good reason. The media is biased and there are fewer young people in politics than in any other profession. But in order to make a change, people need to learn about the issues and the candidates running to represent them. If this doesn’t happen, politicians have all the power, not the people that send them there.”

Hawryluk’s love for politics is fueled by his belief that individuals get a say in the kind of world they want to live in, he said. He believes it is essential for college students to be educated on the political liberties they hold.

“I hope students learn about what issues are at stake. I want people fired up for whatever they believe in and to understand our democracy just won’t work with passive voters,” said Hawryluk.

Hawryluk hopes his podcast, which airs every Thursday through November 10, can provide a non-bias political foundation for those looking to explore politics further.

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