Panel discussion offers insight into issues of equity and accessibility in education

October 23, 2023

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On Tuesday, October 10, students in Dr. Erin Corbett’s section of ED250, a course focused on diversity, dispositions and multiculturalism, were invited to a panel discussion focused on the importance of equitable access to quality education, particularly in marginalized communities.

Erin Corbett, program director of the Quinnipiac prison project and part-time faculty, hoped the experience would support her students in gaining a better understanding of the many factors that play into quality within education, she said.

“I hope my students were able to learn about how community members and local politicians feel about education and how they actively work, every day, to ensure that the educational opportunities provided are of the highest caliber," said Corbett.

The primary goal of the panel was for students to engage in an authentic and candid discussion about the importance of equal opportunities within education, as well as the complex policy and practice implications involved in legislation.

Corbett’s course focuses on the social, economic and political organizations within public education in the United States, which intertwined greatly with the topics covered in the panel discussion.

More opportunities for students like this are coming in the future, including a guest lecture by Rochelle Brown, the 2021 Connecticut Teacher of the Year, and Taylor Ford, a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and statewide family and youth coordinator for FAVOR, Inc., who will be discussing the crossover between social work and K-12 education.

Corbett expressed her excitement about continuing the conversation during her course.

“I am very excited for the remainder of the semester as the students continue to get access to people practicing diversity and multiculturalism on a daily basis," said Corbett. “This practical portion of the Quinnipiac experience is so important for a well-rounded course.”

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