Quinnipiac alumna leverages accelerated dual-degree program to success

November 10, 2023

Sophia Alfieri

Sophia Alfieri 19, MS ’20, recently visited Quinnipiac to shine some light on her experiences with senior students as she was part of the first group of students to experience the 3+1 accelerated dual-degree program.

Professor Katie Place invited Alfieri to the School of Communications to talk with public relations majors taking her capstone class. Alfieri works at Adams & Knight as a senior social media specialist.

“I explained to her class the difference between paid and organic social media, talked through targeting strategies, and showcased assets that we’ve helped our internal creative team produce for various campaigns,” said Alfieri. “The class was very engaged, and I was happy to be able to show them just how much goes into the world of social media!”

Alfieri has learned many valuable skills from her current role and also hosts and co-produces a podcast for the agency, “What’s the Big Idea,” which is a marketing podcast that discusses out of the box strategies and advice. While she has taken on much knowledge from her business endeavors, she attributes this knowledge to her Quinnipiac education.

“I loved my time in the 3+1 program at Quinnipiac,” said Alfieri. “I got to grow and progress as a communications professional with a like-minded group of great people. It challenged me to balance a heavier workload and juggle a variety of different public relations and communications assignments. This in turn helped me to succeed at my current job, where I juggle a handful of different responsibilities and a wide range of client work.”

Quinnipiac’s 3+1 program appealed to Alfieri as it gave her the opportunity to graduate in four years with two degrees.

“While at Quinnipiac, I had the pleasure of running social media for WQAQ's popular sports show, “From the Bleachers,” for three years. It was my first official introduction to managing organic social media channels and capturing fun images and videos for posting. My involvement helped to solidify my true passion for social media marketing, and I love the fact that I followed through with that passion and now work in social media full time. My hosting and co-producing responsibilities for our agency podcast make the accomplishment even more full circle.”

Alfieri thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Quinnipiac and wouldn’t have had it any other way. She made long lasting connections and highly encourages students to do so as well.

“For current students, I would highly recommend staying in contact with your professor,” said Alfieri. “The School of Communications has fantastic connections. For prospective students who are confident about the career path they want to take — join the 3+1 program! Not only does it allow you to graduate with two degrees, but you get to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will support you along the way.”

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