Quinnipiac faculty lead Hartford HealthCare leadership development programming

Quinnipiac faculty hosted an inaugural leadership development program earlier this month for Hartford HealthCare employees. Future sessions will include programs designed for leaders at various levels throughout the organization.

The customized program is 12 weeks long with two, two-day Quinnipiac-led workshops, the first of which took place on October 10-11.

Alison Witherspoon, director of lifelong learning at Quinnipiac, explained the purpose and goals of the program.

“The Working Through Others Leadership Development Program empowers learners to build their toolbox of resources and strategies to positively impact their teams and the business,” said Witherspoon. “The program empowers managers to lead effective teams that are equipped to handle the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.”

Witherspoon explained the training will focus on building a team, influencing for impact, leading change and operational skills such as leveraging tools to problem solve, using data to make decisions, budgeting and financial management.

“Through experiential learning activities, networking, and resource-sharing, learners will fill their leadership toolbox with tools that will advance their work and provide opportunities to grow that align with their professional goals,” said Witherspoon.

Witherspoon explained how this program benefits everyone involved and strengthens the partnership between Quinnipiac and Hartford HealthCare.

“The partnership redefines healthcare education and leadership development in a way that grows the state’s workforce and creates intentional healthcare leadership pathways,” said Witherspoon.

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