Student leader emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of opportunities around campus

By Jake Cedor '23, MBA '24 June 06, 2022

Student standing on Mount Carmel campus smiling at the camera in a suit.

Congratulations on becoming part of the Quinnipiac family! I hope you are as excited to become a part of our campus as we are to welcome you to it. Upon your arrival in the fall, you will have many opportunities to become involved.

I am a second-year 3+1 accelerated dual-degree international business major and economics minor.

During fall of 2021, I was elected class president to the Class of 2025 to the Student Government Association.

While in this role, I worked alongside the class senators to pursue many initiatives to improve our campuses. During the spring of 2022, I looked to serve the students at a higher level and was elected vice president for operations to the Student Government’s executive board. This has opened so many opportunities for me to meet new types of people, be involved in a diverse community, and expand my resume.

I also participated in Fourth Wall Theater. I never did any acting before coming to Quinnipiac, but I was driven by mentors and leaders here to try new things and broaden my experiences.

To do so, I auditioned for a role in Quinnipiac main stage’s production of "Three Sisters" and received a supporting role. Second semester, I auditioned for Fourth Wall’s production of "Little Women," and received the male lead role of Theodore "Laurie'"Laurence. I was also cast as the lead in Quinnipiac Film Society’s fall short film, "Who’s Kevin"

Other opportunities in student projects, and short films outside of Quinnipiac opened because of these roles. This has shown me how many opportunities you can create for yourself when you put yourself out there just one time and try something new.

On a volunteer basis, I participated in our Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellett’s advisory group for first-year students in which myself and other students were able to express our concerns about issues we found on campus and come up with solutions to make improvements where possible. Through this, I was offered an opportunity to work with Dr. Ellett on the 1929 Fund, a fundraising operation to provide scholarship money to Quinnipiac students who need assistance paying for college.

The most important thing you can do at Quinnipiac, or at any university, is to be involved.

In our modern economy, employers are looking for individuals who are dedicated to improving their organizations beyond the basic workload. Quinnipiac offers students the ability to do this in so many ways, you just need to find the ones that are right for you.

Try new things, meet new people, and most importantly, make the most of your time as a Quinnipiac Bobcat!

Welcome to the family, and I’ll see you on campus this fall!

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