Student podcasts recognized at the Golden Mic Awards

May 03, 2023

Student smiling and laughing while working at soundboard in the soc podcast studio

The inaugural Golden Mic Awards was hosted by Quinnipiac Podcasts and WQAQ, the student-run radio station. Students submitted their podcasts for the opportunity to be recognized and win professional podcast equipment.

  • Best Host Award
    • Reiven Douglas, host of "The Journey" — Her powerful storytelling, strong acting and excellent use of detail captivated the judges. "The Journey" is a personal story that relates to gun violence. Douglas' use of imagery and descriptions took the judges on her journey. 

  • Best Overall Podcast
    • "Planting Seeds," hosted by Laine Healy — The holistic wellness podcast was recognized for its sensitivity and coverage of serious topics. The combination of data and personal experience as well as the organization and structure allowed the judges to easily follow the narrative and learn.

  • Crowd Favorite Podcast 
    • "Tipsy Tailgate Media," hosted by Aidan Elgrably and Ben Tufts — Between the production and knowlede of sports, this podcast was voted by Quinnipiac students. The podcast hosts also interviewed Lenny Dykstra, the former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies center fielder.


The Golden Mic awards consisted of 13 judges, including award-winning podcast hosts, Quinnipiac faculty and students. The awards ceremony was a collaborative effort with Quinnipiac Podcasts and WQAQ.

“We wanted to recognize all the hard work that students are putting into their podcasts every day," said Director of Community Programming and Quinnipiac Podcasts David DesRoches. "Podcasting can sometimes be a labor of love, and you never know who is listening and what they think about your work. We wanted to send a message to students that we care about what they have to say, and we want them to say more. We want them to know that we hear them, and that when they make a podcast that stands out, they should be recognized for it – with a trophy, some new gear, whatever it takes to keep them behind the microphone.” 

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