Student takes getting involved on campus to the next level

May 25, 2023

Khristoff Lawes in a backwards hat while holding a fishing net

Khristoff Lawes '24, an orientation leader, club volleyball player and a resident of Jamaica, has made the most of his Quinnipiac experience.

Lawes has always had a passion for science, and so it felt natural for him to enroll in Quinnipiac's biology program.

He said he has always known that he wanted to study in the United States, and decided to pursue his education at Quinnipiac after attending several online information sessions.

Although Lawes misses the food and the year-round warm temperatures at home, he said he has adjusted well.

“After three years here, I can confidently say I made the right decision," he said. "It hasn’t been the easiest journey — especially on my parents — but with the opportunities that I've had, the friends I have made and the teammates I've been able to play with, Quinnipiac has just truly become a second home.”

Lawes said he is excited to become an Orientation Leader this year for incoming first-year students.

“A big driving force of why I fell in love with Quinnipiac was actually the Orientation sessions that I attended at the start of my freshman year," he said. "The Orientation Leaders did a great job of being open, warm and friendly and I want to be able to have that same impact on the incoming freshmen. It really teaches you how to build your communication skills and also allows you to connect with students all across Quinnipiac,” he said.

In addition to being an Orientation Leader, Lawes is a proud member of the global partners program, a peer mentorship program for new international students.

“I'm really proud of the global partners program because it provides such an important platform for international students to connect and develop a community that is really growing here at Quinnipiac," he said. "I feel great pride in being an international student and being able to help grow this program and work closely with Sarah Driscoll and her amazing staff who has provided me with confidence and amazing friendships with other international students.”

Lawes intends to pursue a career in laboratory research after graduating. Working at a biotech company in the Northeast is something he is considering due to his interest in genetic research.

“I love Quinnipiac and I definitely hope to see it grow not only as a university but also as a destination for other international students to study because it is a really lovely environment,” Lawes said.

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