Define your path and experience biology

Our distinguished program and award-winning faculty prepare you with vital knowledge, skills and experiences needed for a rewarding career or a pathway to prestigious medical, dental, veterinary and other health-related programs.  

The flexible curriculum enables you to complete internships, study abroad and integrate biology with other fields — including forensic science, environmental science, behavioral neuroscience, health and medicine. 

Throughout the program, you will develop a solid foundation in the biological sciences as you explore and experience the intricacies of life at various levels, from tiny molecules to vast ecosystems. In courses ranging from cancer biology to human anatomy through ecology and biodiversity, you will work alongside dynamic faculty and gain hands-on laboratory experience.  The experiences you have and the skills you acquire will prepare you for a lifetime of success. 

For those interested in pursuing an advanced degree in the health field, almost all of the courses required for the program are pre-requisite courses for many professional programs.