A versatile foundation in the sciences

Our BS in Biology empowers students to unleash their ambitions by forming a strong foundation in the physical and life sciences. The program offers unmatched flexibility, enabling students to design and conduct research projects under the guidance and mentorship of our esteemed faculty in preparation for a career or for further education beyond the bachelor's degree.

As students become more confident and ambitious in their undertakings, their research efforts extend beyond our campus. In addition to the work our students have done locally — from the pollinator garden to our work in cleaning up the Quinnipiac River — students have completed relevant and meaningful research and conservation efforts during service-learning trips to Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, New Zealand and beyond.

This experience with dedicated research lends itself nicely to a transition into postgraduate study. Our students graduate with impressive resumes and artifacts of their work, each of which contributes to stronger applications to medical school, dental school, veterinary school and other master's and doctorate programs in the sciences.