Q30 Television gets new studio

By Melanie Careri '23 March 24, 2022

Sports Paws group in front of the new q30tv set

Q30 Television, Quinnipiac’s student-run TV station, has unveiled a new set — featuring colored LED lights and a 75-inch digital backdrop.

Q30’s President Joseph LoGrippo ‘22 wanted to have more than just an appealing set — but a hand-on experience with a more professional atmosphere that prepares his members for the world of television.

"Having a professional set will not only enhance our shows and content, but will help us to be recognized more on a national basis when high schoolers are looking at Quinnipiac," LoGrippo said. "It will surely help to attract students to join Q30 and the Quinnipiac communications program.”  

Q30’s Entertainment Department Director Corinna Caimi ‘22 is passionate about the club. As a senior, she was ecstatic to see the new set and see the direction the organization is headed.  

“Seeing the new studio for the first time was just so surreal and exciting,” Caimi said. “Even though I won’t get to use it for a very long time, it feels good knowing you’re leaving something you care about in a much better place than when you came into it.”

After being a part of the organization throughout all four years of college, Caimi has watched the club evolve quickly.  

“Everything has changed — in the best way possible,” Caimi said. “We want the station to keep advancing and I’ve seen it through the quality of content, the drive of the members coming in, the community we’ve created and, of course, fun upgrades like the new set.” 

The club’s Head Engineer Aaron Roberts '22 has also been a part of Q30 for four years. He is proud of the new set and the outcomes of the organization.

“It felt like a major stride forward, and it enhances on-screen quality,” Roberts said. “It adds depth to the image and really makes us looks professional.” 

Roberts said the club provided him with opportunities to further his technical skillset. During his last few months, he hopes to further develop the quality of equipment used by students. He wishes for an even brighter future for the organization and its members.  

“Q30 changed my life for the better,” he said. “It’s as much as you make it out to be. You get what you put in. If you want something to fill your time and have fun, being a general member is the place for you. If you want to take your learning and talents to the next level, there are more than ample opportunities to do so.” 

Q30’s Bobcat Breakdown Executive Producer Hannah Smith ‘23 is excited for the new opportunities to come with the new set.  

“When I first saw the new studio, my jaw literally dropped,” Smith said. “This new set was much needed for Q30. I am most excited to see how every show puts together a new set and I am so excited to see it get to use on live air! It will enhance the overall experience for Q30 in many ways.”  

Students join Q30-TV to learn more about the TV industry and share their passions with like-minded students. The club allows them to apply the skills they learn from the classroom into work that can be shown to future employers. Live shows happen throughout the week, and content is created around the clock. Departments include news, sports and entertainment. Students work together to make the weekly shows come to life.  

Many say the club inspired them to pursue a career in television and shaped their college experience. Q30 newscast’s Executive Producer Katie Coen ‘23 MS ‘24 said she’s had a passion for storytelling and broadcasting since high school.

She said she is grateful Q30 allowed her to practice her skillsets even further in college.  

“Q30 is an incredible, accepting environment for all students who are interested in the television industry, even if they are not in the School of Communications,” Coen said. “We love working with new people and sharing our passion for broadcasting with the rest of the campus community.”  

Smith said Q30 welcomes students with warm, open arms. She encourages them to not be afraid to put themselves out there.  

“If you a person who likes sports, join the sports department. If you are a person who likes music and movies, join the entertainment department. Do not be afraid to do what you love; life is too short. Make your Quinnipiac experience all that it can be and chase for your dreams.” 

Q30’s Planning and Engagements Coordinator Carly MacManus ‘23 said she is grateful for the opportunities Q30 provides. She sees how students challenge themselves to learn, grow and apply their skillsets. As a member of the Q30 cabinet, she saw the hard work LoGrippo put into making his dream a reality, and the support he received.  

“I think the new set gravitates more attention to the program, being that a student-run organization funded and advocated for a set to produce top-quality content,” MacManus said. “I’m super proud of everyone involved and it's amazing to see how people grow from the second they step into the station.” 

LoGrippo said he is thankful for the help from Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellett and Provost Deborah Levowitz to help find the funds for the set and the advice and support from adviser Erin Provistalis. He hopes the new set will rank Q30 among some of the top student-run college TV stations in the nation.  

“The set is one of the biggest acquisitions the station has ever seen in its 27-year history,” he said. “I hope it attracts members to join, I hope it brings talented high schoolers to Quinnipiac and to Q30, and most importantly, I hope to look back at Q30 down the line and be proud of what those who came after me were able to accomplish.”

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