Students shine in new graduation accessories from the 1929 Fund

May 01, 2024

Photo of a navy stole with white lettering that reads 1929 Fund with yellow and blue graduation chords

The student-run 1929 Fund has introduced new graduation cords and stoles, displaying the legacy of student generosity.

As a scholarship fund created by students for students, the purpose of the 1929 Fund is to create opportunities for first-year students to pursue their academic dreams without financial barriers.

Founded in 2021, the 1929 Fund has raised more than $350,000 in financial support. This past academic year, the 1929 Fund provided six students with financial support and strives to grow each year.

Fostering a culture of support and inclusivity, the 1929 Fund emphasizes the impact that students can have on a fellow Bobcat's life, one donation at a time. 

As graduation approaches, the 1929 Fund encourages students to give back to their community and become a part of the legacy that will continue to live on after they cross the Commencement stage.

Students can donate to the 1929 Fund anytime throughout their four years at Quinnipiac. In gratitude for their generosity, the 1929 Fund is providing cords and stoles for graduates who donate this year.

Students who donate at least $24.99 will receive a graduation cord. Those who donate $100 or more will receive a stole.

“Stoles and cords have been a long, well-known tradition among universities across the country,” said co-founder Ephemia Nicolakis ’23, MBA ’24. "By creating an opportunity to earn a cord or stole through the 1929 Fund, we are giving students the chance to become part of an incredible community of Quinnipiac students and alumni who truly are excited about the future of the university and supporting fellow bobcats.”

The 1929 Fund graduation attire not only signifies the individual generosity of each student but also showcases the unity of Bobcat Nation.

“The students on the committee serve as a model for the importance of giving back,” said Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellett. “If you are blessed with the means to give and you are taking the time to help those who are less fortunate to come to the university, it's really great.”

The 1929 Fund continues to grow and looks forward to inspiring generosity throughout future generations at Quinnipiac.

Those who are interested can donate to the 1929 Fund here.

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