Trailblazing graduate reflects on her college experience

May 12, 2023

Owenea Roberts

After making history at Quinnipiac as the first international student and youngest person to be elected as the Student Government Association president, graduate 3+1 accounting major Owenea Roberts ‘23, MS ‘24, looks back at the memories she’s made from the past three years.

The Pembroke, Bermuda native brought unique successes to the Student Government Association.

“My greatest achievement as SGA president was building up the Student Government Association back to the notable organization it was pre-pandemic,” said Roberts. “Also having the most diverse senate with most international students ever.”

Besides SGA, Roberts was also involved in the Beta Alpha Psi Honor Society, Sawhney Leadership Program and the International Student Association. She said the organizations helped her grow as a leader and network with students who have similar interests and goals.

Some of her favorite memories were the ones she made with her friends.

“My favorite memory at Quinnipiac was watching the men’s ice hockey team win the national championships alongside my closest friends at York Hill,” said Roberts. “It was so amazing to see everyone celebrate such a historical moment and I was truly proud to be a bobcat that day.”

When she first attended Quinnipiac, Roberts decided to pursue accounting as it opens many doors around the world and can take her down various career paths. She says Quinnipiac helped her professionally in a variety of ways.

“Firstly, I was taught crucial networking skills that I will use throughout my entire career,” said Roberts. “Quinnipiac has prepared me inside and outside the classroom, so I am more than prepared to enter the workforce. The hands-on practice I received when I participated in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program allowed me to prepare tax forms for the citizens of Hamden.”

Roberts said a crucial lesson she’s learned from her three years of college is finding patience in herself and learn to enjoy each and every moment.

“To the class of 2027, I encourage you to get outside of your comfort zone,” said Roberts. “Quinnipiac offers many opportunities and who knows, one general board meeting you attend in your first semester could open many doors for you as a Bobcat and beyond. I hope you grow to love and cherish Quinnipiac as much as I do.”  

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