With a new semester comes many improved, healthy food options

October 11, 2023

From left, orientation leaders Kyle Lopez '19, mechanical engineering, and Zurama Rodriguez '19, behavioral neuroscience, get lunch together in the dining hall of Quinnipiac University's Carl Hansen Student Center at the Mount Carmel Campus

From a new shuttle system with more routes to a new locker delivery system, many students are enjoying the enhancements across Quinnipiac’s three campuses.

This semester, students are seeing changes implemented to some of the most frequently visited spots: the dining halls.

In the Mount Carmel Dining Hall, there are two new food stations: The Delicious Without station, dedicated to foods prepared without the nine major allergens, as well as Pom & Honey, a station featuring customizable salads, bowls and wraps.

“Pom and Honey is a flavorful and healthy experience featuring customizable and craveable salads, grain bowls and wraps, that feature delicious flavors, wholesome ingredients, bright spices and it makes you feel great,” said Jen Moore, the marketing manager of the Quinnipiac dining experience. “Students can enjoy hundreds of possibilities as they choose between a grain bowl, salad or wrap. Then they can fill that item with their favorite protein and finally top it with fresh veggies, hummus and other delicious spreads.”

The deli counter that students know and love also has a new name, the Q Deli.

Additionally, there is a new rotating station within the York Hill Dining Hall. The purpose of this station is to offer new concepts every few weeks to offer more variety for residential students.

The Quinnipiac dining staff is also working hard to make the dining experience more sustainable.

“We brought in the OZZI containers as part of our initiative to support our sustainability efforts on campus,” said Moore. “OZZI containers are microwave-safe, reusable containers that are a one-time purchase of $5.99. Students can purchase a container, fill it with the food of their choice and we will wash it for them. This helps to reduce single-use container waste in our dining halls.”

Dining staff members also offer reusable silverware, plates and bowls at each station.

Additionally, the Quinnipiac dining staff will be bringing back their “Love, QU Dining” giveaways and host events at the Recreation and Wellness Center.

This includes having multiple classes in Quinnipiac’s teaching kitchen throughout the semester and having multiple station takeovers to provide variety for those who dine on campus regularly.

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