Anime voice actress shares career experience with Bobcats

November 21, 2023

Lexi Nieto, an anime voice actress, speaks to a group of students with a presentation behind her.

Lexi Nieto, an accomplished voice actress, popularly known for voicing the main character in the anime series “Tomo-chan Is a Girl,” visited Quinnipiac to speak with students about her successful young career.

Nieto has always been a performer and recently ventured into the world of anime voice acting, quickly moving her way up in the niche industry. Along with acting, she hosts and moderates discussions at conventions, completely immersing herself in the world of anime.

She was inspired by many other actors and their panels that revealed the secrets behind their work.

“It never occurred to me that I could do this until the pandemic happened,” said Nieto. “My friend and I decided to move to Dallas, Texas, where the headquarters for anime-dubbing happened. We gave it a shot and it was crazy.”

After studying musical theater in college and developing a fascination for performing, she felt that English anime dubbing was the best next step in her career. Meeting renowned voice actress and automated dialogue replacement (ADR) director, Caitlin Glass, supported Nieto’s efforts to network and make further connections. Glass is talented at discovering new actors and even helped kickstart the career of one of Nieto’s favorite actors and current co-stars, Ricco Fajardo, said Nieto.

He has always been an inspiration to Nieto and she described him to be her hero in the industry.

She has most recently worked on “Tomo-chan Is A Girl,” along with starring in other anime fantasy series such as “Reign of the Seven Spellblades” and “Ayaka: A Story of Bonds and Wounds.”

The character of Tomo-chan is described as a “tomboy,” which Nieto finds extremely interesting and significant to many viewers. The conversation of gender expression is popular among fans; many Quinnipiac students commented on how they identify with Tomo-chan.

“To be a safe place in finding personal identity is very hard, so being part of telling that story is incredible,” said Nieto.

While the position of a voice actor does not require the typical 9-5 schedule, there is much research and dedication necessary for success. Nieto added that she usually goes into the recording booth twice a week, along with applying for other roles and watching other anime productions to perfect her craft. She also focuses on improving her singing talents to expand her opportunities beyond her anime career.

Nieto shared that she always aims for what she wants and that the positive impact of those who lift each other up within the anime community contributes much to her success.

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