Business student selected for elite private equity internship

August 08, 2023

Jailyn Maldonado sitting on couch in front of American Investment Council sign

Jailyn Maldonado ’26 took a leap of faith by applying to the National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC) and American Investment Council (AIC).

Although scary at first, this proved to be successful as Maldonado got a summer job working as a Paradigm Changer, focusing on improving diversity and opening more opportunities for women within the private equity and private credit industry.

Initially, the program was seeking sophomores, juniors and seniors, however, that did not discourage her from applying, she said.

“At first I had no idea about the program or private equity but was very excited to apply when I received an email from the associate dean for career development,” said Maldonado. “This opportunity was for women of color in the investment industry and I look forward to learning and meeting with other people with the same interest as me.”

Maldonado has gained much valuable experience from her position and described what the average day looked like in her role.

“As a research intern for the American Investment Council, there would be a meeting at 10 every morning to discuss profit and policies,” said Maldonado. “I would then wait for an assignment. Most projects and tasks consisted of transferring research and information into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets would be important for pension studies and would be sent to clients.”

During Maldonado’s internship, she embarked on a 10-page passion project, delving into the significance of private equity investments in the healthcare system and their role in addressing racial disparities in health and healthcare.

“This was important and interesting because it allowed me time to focus on an issue that was important to me and find my voice,” said Maldonado. “I chose this topic because it affects the life quality and life span of many African Americans and Hispanics.”

As a business student, Maldonado felt prepared for the internship due to Quinnipiac’s advantageous career development program. The curriculum provides classes for students to learn how to interview, write a cover letter and update a resume to ensure workforce readiness.

“As a rising sophomore, I plan on continuing to learn and explore the alternative investment industry and continue to apply myself because nothing is impossible,” said Maldonado.

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