University gave graduate unique opportunity to share road to national championship with the world

May 12, 2023

Madison Morris in front of the Frozen Four

A love of writing put School of Communications student leader Madison Morris ’23, MS ’24, on the path to witnessing university hockey history.

This year, Morris helped lead Frozen Four coverage across Quinnipiac's digital channels, sharing stories with Bobcat Nation members eagerly following the men’s ice hockey team on the way to clinching the national championship win.

Morris, a public relations major and National Communication Association Honor Society inductee, said her love of hockey, and her path to the Frozen Four in Tampa, started when she joined the digital channels team in 2019.

“I started at the Yale versus Quinnipiac game my freshman year. That was my first day working for the marketing office, so I was just thrown into the mix! But I really enjoyed it, because it gave me the experience to see what it was like on the inside. I just loved the fast-paced, exciting environment of it all,” said Morris.

Fast forward to April, 2023, when Morris and the team traveled to Tampa to cover the Frozen Four.

“Having the opportunity to cover the Frozen Four was one of the most defining experiences I’ve ever had in my time here. The people that I met, the events that I got to go to, and the experiences that I had were unlike anything else,” said Morris.

Morris and another student, Jackie Ydrovo, tirelessly reported via Instagram, sharing student experiences and developing audience engagement with Bobcat Nation members everywhere. Being on-site as the Bobcats clinched the national title was an emotional moment, she said.

“When we won, seeing what was happening all around us, and being able to capture that and share it, was just so special,” said Morris.

She also made it back to the York Hill Campus in time to join Quinnipiac’s capacity crowd at the celebration with the men’s ice hockey team in the M&T Bank Arena.

“It was so unreal, because I saw it in real time; and then to see it transported from Tampa to Connecticut, and to see the whole hockey team walking onto the ice, after being there with them just 24 hours earlier, was incredible. It was exhausting, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” said Morris.

She thanks her supervisor, Jamie DeLoma, for encouraging her as a freshman to apply for a part-time role with Quinnipiac’s Integrated Marketing Communications team. DeLoma leads the team as director of live channels.

“He was my journalism professor when I was a freshman, and he had mentioned there were some job openings in his office. I thought I had too much on my plate, and there was no way I could hold a job, and do college, and do it well,” said Morris. “But when I went for extra help after a journalism class, he asked if I wanted to be interviewed for a job. By doing that, I think he opened a door for me that I never would have opened myself. I knew writing was important to me, but I didn’t know I could turn it into a career path. And the fact that I’m coming out of college with four years of work experience is better than anything I could have asked for.”Morris is looking forward to continuing the work next year, while also completing her master’s in interactive media and communications through the School of Communications accelerated dual degree program.

Looking back, Morris is glad she didn’t hesitate to take on her role with the marketing team while also undertaking her studies.

"I’ve always prioritized my academics,” said Morris.

Her undergraduate experience also includes leadership roles with her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, for which she most recently served as internal social chair. As a Quinnipiac undergraduate, Morris traveled to Milan, Italy during spring break this year.

Morris has also earned minors in management and public diplomacy.

“I’ve always found myself in leadership positions, so declaring a minor in management felt very natural to me. Public diplomacy really pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but I’m happy that I pursued it, because it challenged me. It also connects to my trip to Italy, which helped me gain an international perspective on marketing,” said Morris.

Accepting her bachelor’s degree at the School of Communications commencement on May 14 will be a special moment, she said.

“The hand-off of the degree is going to define the hard work that I’ve done over these past four years.”  

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