Commuter Student Union president urges incoming students to get out of their comfort zone

Commuter student, Alyssa Ciarleglio ’25, MAT ‘26, wrote a letter to Quinnipiac's incoming class of 2027, encouraging them to meet new people and get involved on campus.

Welcome to first-year students of Quinnipiac’s Class of 2027! My name is Alyssa Ciarleglio ’25, MAT ‘26, and I am a junior in the 4+1 dual-degree master’s of arts in teaching in the elementary education program. I am also a commuter student from West Haven, Connecticut — which is something that made me quite nervous about coming to college.  

When choosing which college option was right for me, I decided on becoming a commuter student, however, I was scared that I would not get a “normal” college experience of being involved.  

Two academic years down, I can confidently say that I was able to quickly refute my worries as I am currently in my second year of working as an Orientation Leader and I am the president of the Commuter Student Union for the upcoming academic year. 

The Quinnipiac community has a place for everyone to be involved, which is crucial for every student to know.  

To understand your place at Quinnipiac, you must put in the effort to make yourself involved. During the first week of classes, the engagement fair will be held on the Quad — all student organizations will be represented there, so if a club interests you, I 100% recommend signing up for their email list. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to attend all of their meetings, but it’s just a way to know what is going on around the university. 

It is important to put yourself out there — commuter student or not — your college experience depends on the energy you put in. Instead of going home or to your dorm, try to sit in the student center and meet new people, or even attend a club meeting. 

Two years ago, I would have never been able to see myself as an Orientation Leader, or even as a president of a student organization.  

My advice to you all is to go out of your comfort zone and get involved on campus because everyone has a place within the Quinnipiac community.  

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