Living-Learning Communities add value to the first-year experience

August 01, 2023

Students use a laser machine to carve a "Q" in a pumpkin

At Quinnipiac, being part of a Living-Learning Community (LLC) can bring added value and depth to a student’s first-year experience.

Students can opt-in to join an LLC based on either an academic program or another theme of interest and are surrounded by other students who have similar passions, explained Nicholas Nicholson, program director of first-year seminar and the residential experience.

This year there will be a total of 17 LLCs, 15 of which are for first-year students and two of which are designated for second-year students.

Over the past year, the LLC community has seen significant growth and increase, said Nicholson. The total LLC student population has grown to 679 students, up from 527 students this past year.

With the addition of four new LLCs this fall, the growth is only expected to continue. Two LLCs, the Unity LLC and the Multicultural LLC, have increased in popularity substantially over the past year, almost doubling.

Although these two options are popular, there are many different LLC communities available for students to join.

Options for first-year students include: 

  • Computing and engineering 

  • e-Sports and gaming 

  • Nursing 

  • Live well 

  • Multicultural 

  • Unity 

  • Psychology 

  • Sports 

  • Business 3+1 

  • Communications 3+1 

  • Honors first-year 

  • Occupational therapy 

  • Arts and music 

  • Business and entrepreneurship 

  • Interprofessional health  

Options for second-year students include: 

  • Honors 

  • Communications and media leadership 

Students in LLCs also receive mentorship from faculty affiliates who plan and create programs as well as provide opportunities like social networking and advising.

“At the end of their first year at Quinnipiac, students who live in LLCs had a higher sense of belonging, better interpersonal relationships with other students and were more likely to approach their professors,” said Nicholson.

There are many aspects of LLCs that make them unique, but Nicholson emphasizes the sense of community that comes with joining one.

“This cohort of LLC students are embarking on an adventure together,” said Nicholson. “Whether it’s an academic program or interest-based theme, students living together in designated housing with support from faculty affiliates and Residential Assistants foster a supportive and immersive living and learning environment. We know that academics are paramount for student success in college, however, the social aspect of the college experience moves in tandem and when both are accomplished together there is true holistic balance.”

During the year, students can participate in a multitude of events put on by their LLC such as volleyball and spike ball games, scavenger hunts, study sessions and community service events to name a few.

This fall, there is a variety of programming planned for LLC students. 

These include: 

  • LLC early move-in 

    • LLC residents have the opportunity to move in before other incoming students. 

  • Get to know your LLC  

    • Meet other students with shared interests who will also be living in your residence hall.

  • Living Learning Community Council 

    • An opportunity for first-year students to take on leadership roles, advocate for their community and help to put on programming.

  • Stop the Bleed learning and certificate 

    • Stop the Bleed certifies individuals on how to act quickly and effectively in emergency medical situations 

  • Faculty and Deans – Unplugged 

    • Deans and key faculty will be invited into residence halls to share their stories in a small, discussion-based setting. 

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