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Nicholas R. Nicholson Jr. is a Professor of Nursing at Quinnipiac University in the School of Nursing.

After receiving his PhD in Nursing from Yale University in 2010, Dr. Nicholson completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in Geriatric Clinical Epidemiology and Aging-Related Research from the Yale School of Medicine. He previously earned both a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master in Public Health from the University of Connecticut. Dr. Nicholson is also a board-certified clinical nurse specialist in Public/ Community Health.

Dr. Nicholson’s program of research is aimed at understanding factors that lead to social isolation in older persons and developing interventions to mitigate social isolation. His clinical work includes nursing experience in cardiac telemetry, cardiac post-access, medical/ surgical and public/ community health nursing. Dr. Nicholson has published research articles pertaining to the social isolation related topics: concept analysis, state of the science, predictors, psychometric evaluation, and interventions.

Most Recently, Dr. Nicholson led a team of interdisciplinary researchers to create & test the psychometric properties of the Social Isolation Scale for use in older adults. Dr. Nicholson’s current research is focused on the development and testing of an intervention to reduce social isolation in older adults. Additional research interests include: psychosocial & chronic disease epidemiology, social support, and social networks.
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  • BS, University of Connecticut
  • MS, University of Connecticut
  • MPH, University of Connecticut
  • PHD, Yale University

Areas of Expertise

  • Adult / Older Adults
  • Epidemiology
  • Community
  • Public Health
  • Research


  • Nursing

Office Location

  • Medicine, Nursing, Health Sci 465L

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  • NH-HSC


Quinnipiac University

Professor of Nursing

Hamden, CT

2020 - Present

Quinnipiac University

Associate Professor of Nursing

Hamden, CT

2016 - 2020

Quinnipiac University

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Hamden, CT

2012 - 2016

Yale University


New Haven, CT

2010 - 2010

Yale University School of Medicine

Post-doctoral Fellow in Clinical Epidemiology and Aging Related research

New Haven, CT

2010 - 2012

Yale Univeristy

Clinical Instructor

New Haven, CT

2006 - 2008

University of Connecticut

Clinical Instructor

Storrs, CT

2004 - 2005

Selected Publications


Lubkin’s Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention

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Social Support 11th 245-268 (Jones and Bartlett 2021)


Lubkin’s Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention

Nicholson, N.

Social Isolation 11th 25-48 (Jones and Bartlett 2021)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

How Social Isolation in Older Adults is Affected by Population Density and Race/ethnicity Factors

Powell, D., Jacobson, S., Lerner, R., Feinn, R., Andreoletti, C., & Nicholson,. N.

Connecticut Public Health Association (CPHA) (2021)

Peer Reviewed Journal Article

Psychometric Evaluation of the Social Isolation Scale in Older Adults

Nicholson, N. Feinn., R., E., Casey, Dixon, J.



Lubkin’s Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention

Nicholson, N.

Social Isolation 10th ed. 57 - 80 Boston, MA (Jones & Bartlett 2019)


Encyclopedia of Elder Care

Nicholson, N. & Jacobson, S.

Social Isolation 4th ed. 119, 683-695 New York (Springer 2018)

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