Public Safety equips students with snowstorm vehicle essentials

February 23, 2024

Photo of the jump starters, air compressors, snow brushes and tire gauges.

Public Safety has teamed up with the Student Government Association (SGA) to better equip students during the winter months by providing jump starters, air compressors, snow brushes and tire gauges on all three campuses.

Now available 24/7 on all three campuses, students can acquire these materials by calling 203-582-6200 or visiting Public Safety on Bobcat Way across the road from the Irmagarde Tator Residence Hall. From here, Public Safety will direct students and provide them with the necessary materials.

Public Safety offers a JumpBoost, which is both a portable jump starter and air compressor that is compact and easy to use. Public Safety offers students instructions on how to use the machine as well as assistance using it.

“This is what we’re here for and this is a nice way for us to help our students,” said Public Safety Captain Don DiStefano. “We look forward to watching this new program evolve and make adjustments to improve it as time goes on.”

In an effort to maintain an open and ongoing conversation with the student body, Chief of Public Safety Tony Reyes meets with SGA weekly to address the needs of students. Students are encouraged to reach out to SGA at any time with ideas on how to improve their student experience.

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